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Our Company

Our Company
  1. Company Background

The entrance of Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal, is located in the southwest of Kathmandu. Various religious heritages, sacred places, full of natural beauty, well-equipped communities of different castes, languages, religions have developed in Chandragiri Municipality to provide convenience, simple, safe, reliable and reliable passenger to the common citizen. The Chandragiri Yatayat Sewa Pvt. Ltd. with the main objective of operating a well-organized, dignified and technologically friendly passenger service to the transport sector to promote internal and external tourism to spread the word of Shakti Pithas like Bhaleshwar Temple, Matatirtha Kunda, Machhenarayan Temple, Bishnu Devi Temle, Mahalakshmi Temple & other religious places within Chandragiri Municipality through public transport.

  1. Vision

Our Vision is “To cater safe, reliable and Convenient Public Transport Commuting to people’sof Kathmandu Valley”

  1. Values
    Dignified polite language affiliation behavior, respectful travel to travelers is our endeavor.


  1. Goals/Objectives
  • Maintain consistent service to serve people for their daily commuting from dawn to dusk.
  • To motivate, empower and encourage our team to provide best service to public commuting.
  • Incorporate good culture and inherit and imply such practices in service delivery process.
  • Use of technology to enhance public transport service, passenger safety and public security.
  • Establish good organizational culture to incorporate discipline, hospitality, humility and sense of good service.
  • Establish higher sense of accountability in employees to focus on passengers’ safety and security.
  • Obtain operational excellence to increase profitability and expand our services to most part of the Kathmandu Valley.
  • Practice continuous improvement to enhance service quality.
  • Collaboration with government, local government and other public transportation service provider to build and maintain good health of Public transport industry to achieve company vision.
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